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4 min readApr 15, 2023

What’s new for season 9?

A juicy update is coming up and we know that the Cutieneers have been eagerly waiting!

Season 9 is coming with a significant amount of new content and, as always, a new storyline. This time around, former residents of Mt. Sudarl and its surrounding area are coming back to Cutieland to reclaim what was once theirs. And they are not taking back their belongings in a nice manner!

Dive into the new storyline with a variety of new colorful characters, and a few very familiar ones as well.

Several new Unique Cuties will be available for purchase and as part of Season Pass rewards.

The Jotuns:

  • Jotun Recruit
  • Jotun Fighter
  • Jotun Berserker
  • Ancient Jotun
The giants are back to reclaim their land

The Trolls:

  • Skuldnir
  • Fjolrodd
Trolls are trusty war machines for the Jotun

Special Season Cuties:

  • Grylla
  • Cat of Yol
  • Meldave’er
  • Drago Sucinai
Never travel at night

A new set of dungeons will be released along with the season with a whole new look and a new twist.

There will be a total of 7 dungeons released over the course of the season. At the start, there will be 2 dungeons available for players to explore. More will be added as the season progresses.
The twist to the dungeons is that these dungeons are now dynamic. Playthroughs will be different every time, where every time you clear one dungeon and break its gate, you will be able to travel further into the dungeon, where further dungeon sections are generated from a predefined set of levels that the team designed for dungeons. This will be expanded with every event and dungeon release, adding more and more variety with time.

There will be 3 new sets for the Cutieneers to collect.

  • Aesir Set
  • Hexen Set
  • Jotun Set

Additionally, several non-season sets are being released.

  • All 5 Furia’s Sets (these are special in how they work)
  • Hallow One’s Set
  • Bloodshed’s Set

Magic Dust Ore is added to the game.
This item will grant some amount of dust when recycled. But, using it in a crafting recipe will give players a higher yield.

Recycle or Use in Crafting. Up to you!

Season adventures are also added as per usual, with a bit of change to the special ones. Now there will be 3 tiers of Special Season Adventures, where only some Cuties will be able to go to get season rewards.

Important note: All drops change to Personal items. To unbind, players will require a trading license. This 90 days license comes bundled with the Season Pass. Additionally, the license can be purchased outside of events in the Hot Shop or in the Unbinding Section of the Forge

2 new bosses: Cat of Yol and Grylla.
Both generate special boss tokens that can be redeemed in the Boss Shop.

The first boss going to be released on launch — The Cat of Yol

The second boss will come 30 days after launch — The Troll Witch Grylla

Creator Bench is back as well. Gather special resources from Season Adventures and Tournaments then try your luck in transmuting those ingredients into awesome prizes.

Don’t forget that the recipes are global, so sharing knowledge is a powerful tool for the community to leverage for the Creator Bench

In addition to all of that goodness, the team brought the Crafting Token enhancement back this season too. So prepare to strategize!

There is much more goodness to explore in the season, and the team is very excited to launch Season 9 for Blockchain Cuties Universe.

Happy Hunting 🏹

Keep rocking, keep exploring, and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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