This Is Crazy! So Many Cuties Were Born

Blockchain Cuties Universe
2 min readAug 20, 2018

Just the other we week we celebrated Cutie 9000. And since the event, this fur ball reached level 2 and got fully dressed.


Never in a million years had we expected things to move so fast! Since then another 1000 cuties were born.

Cutieners, it has been less than a week! From 14.08 to 19.08. Literally 5 days! 200 new cuties born per day! This is truly amazing!

In Friday’s patch notes we had a lot of fun teasing what the cutie number 10 000 would be like.

So much mystery!

Only to wake up to it already discovered on Monday!

Just look at this fearsome warrior! Such a special moment for us all.


Congratulations Bofur! You have bred an awesome cutie!

Now take a deep breath, Cutieners. Because this is not even its final form! After the next update this proud warrior will look like this:

An epic makeover!

Will our team be able to draw next special cutie number 11 000 in time? Or will we save the coolest reveal ever for cutie number 15 000? Or number 20 000?

You will find out soon!

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