The Scariest Thing You Will See All Day

Blockchain Cuties Universe
2 min readOct 4, 2018

In October things notoriously get scary. I mean, you just can’t escape the Halloween marketing. It’s everywhere.

Are the gas prices scary enough yet?

Will Blockchain Cuties lag behind the Halloween madness? No Sir! We are a game of the people! If its time to get creepy, creep we shall!

So what’s the most scary thing a little cutie can meet?

Maybe a raid boss? Yes! This is a sneak peek post ;)

But which one?
An epic cutie devouring fantasy dragon? Meh.

Seen a dragon once. Not impressed

A legendary special and unique cutie wearing a full item set? Na seen those before.

Just take my loot already

We decided to dig deep into your wildest fears! And here it is!

“This one takes me back to the laggy days. When the game wasn’t working properly” — Joy, Game Designer, Blockchain Cuties.

Are your cuties ready to face this threat?

Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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Keep rocking, playing and see you in Blockchain Cuties, Cutieners!

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