The Polygon Breeding Fee Update

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4 min readJul 29, 2021

ℹ️ Update:
Polygon breeding fee change has been postponed, as a lot of veteran community members wish to discuss this change and voice their opinion.

Hey, Cutieneers!
In the last few weeks, the Polygon(Matic) breeding fee has been frequently discussed by the community, and here’s what is happening with that.

Before we go through the update, let’s review the current state of affairs with the breeding fee on Polygon(Matic).
When the blockchain has been added to the game the coin itself has been worth 100 times less than it does right now. And there was no indication of it going to the moon as it did. When setting up the breeding fee calculation formula it was assumed that the price of 1 Matic would remain somewhere within the close proximity of what it was at the time of the release. However, the market decided that Matic should be a much more valuable asset and it skyrocketed to where it is now.

Just to make it a bit more clear, when the chain has been added to the game, 1 Matic was valued at roughly around 0.02 USD per coin. In today’s market, 1 Matic is valued at 1 USD per coin.

With that in mind, let’s briefly touch on the breeding fee itself.
The breeding fees have always been set as a static number in the formula, for ease of calculation, and it has been quite stable until Polygon(Matic)boomed within less than a year. So the team has been hard at work, figuring out what would be the best course of action for our players and how to make it fair for all blockchains involved, without patching it every time a market swings for one blockchain or another.
The team came up with a solution that should benefit all of the players and make the breeding side game a bit more exciting in terms of pricing and speculation.

As the first order of business, the team will adjust the breeding fee on Polygon(Matic) to resemble the other blockchain fee pricing.
The Base breeding fee will be reduced by 6 times on Matic from the current 12 Matic fee that is set as base. This will introduce pricing that is comparable to all of the other breeding fees across different blockchains supported in the game.

But that is not the end of breeding fee changes that will come later.

Here is how the formula looks right now:

A = 2000000000000000000
B = 13200000000000000
C = momBreedingCooldown + datBreedingCooldown — momGeneration — dadGeneration
Fee = A + (B x C x C)

Note: A and B are amounts of Matic at the smallest decimal point, hence the huge number.

The New Formula

The new formula will be working differently. The current formula worked well for a while now, but the situation where a huge growth like in Polygon(Matic)’s case, made it clear that a better solution is necessary.
The static formula does work when everything is stable. But in volatile times it can hut the breeding cost for the players. So the team opted to make the change and introduce a dynamic form of that calculation formula. It will be pegged to the exchange rate of the native blockchain token in USD value.

That way the fee itself will be balanced at all times and the team will not have to step in every time a market swing happens.
The fee will be updated once a week automatically by the system at a specific time and players will be able to speculate on breeding fees if they wish to, depending on the crypto market itself.

When the dynamic system is close to release, there will be a more in-depth dive into how it works and what it does, for now, just keep in mind that there are changes coming.

Have fun breeding new Cuties, Cutieneers!

Keep rocking, keep exploring, and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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