The dark era of raid bosses

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2 min readOct 13, 2018

Cutieneer community took a proud stand in the battle against evil. Even though the bosses are strong, our little heroes continue their quests for fortune and glory.

The last update brought a lot of discussions and plenty of questions to our table.

In this post, we will try to address frequently asked questions and give you more insight on the topic.

1) Raid bosses stats are different for every cutie. Here is the formula:

cutie stats + boss bonus = boss stats

2) Victory prize pool is divided among players whose cuties won the battle.
Here is the formula:

prize pool / victories = prize per victory (PPV)

Player’s number of victories * PPV = player’s prize

3) Bosses get additional attacks at dice roll 18–19. Those are similar to critical attacks, that’s why you can see 2 critical attack lines in the report.

4) We will fix background issues for noble cuties shortly.

5) You will soon be able to share battle reports.

6) CUTE coins are only obtainable in raids.

7) Having a close-knit community will help players to coordinate their efforts against the bosses. Everything is possible with teamwork.

I can already see that precious moments, when it’s like 51% and than some new players comes online and “hey! Nice rewards, I should get a share,” heavily penetrate everybody from behind by making it a lose for everyone — Sirokko, Valued Cutieneer, Quite Possibly a Prophet

8) Paw coins are here to stay. More content for both coins is coming soon.

9) We are looking into implementing restrictions on cutie generations in the future.

10) It is possible that a full set of gear will become a requirement for participation.

We hope that we answered some of your questions, cutieneers.

Be sure that we will be tweaking, fixing and improving raids in the future.

Let us know what do you think or the raid so far in the comments below! All questions are welcome!

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Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!



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