The Cutieneers of Honor

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3 min readDec 23, 2018

If you have been with us for a while, you know that we at Blockchain Cuties love to celebrate our community for their achievements.

All year long cutieneers were in the spotlight. Everyone knew the players who managed to pull off something new and fun!

Today we have decided to celebrate our most devoted players and veteran community members! Yes, right before Christmas!

The Holiday spirits are high in the Blockchain Cuties’ office and we deliberated on what would be the best way to conclude the year. And the decision was obvious.

That’s right! Celebrate the amazing community of cutieneers!

Christmas event part 2 is live, Tron pre-sale has been booming and people are as active as ever! So we wanted to say thank you to those who, tirelessly, help us make cutieneers bigger, greater, stronger and at the same time, make this community feel like home.

To celebrate, we decided to gift iFind cuties to the shining examples of our community.

Please welcome the pillars of Cutieland!

Coffeebox — Constantly reported bugs and gave us feedback on the state of the game!

Cynicallia — The greatest artist of Cutieland, one of our earliest supporters and a devoted cutieneer! Not to mention the massive skillset of a mad scientist in breeding and theory crafting.

ChakraFox — The Myth, The Legend, The Ham! Helped out with a lot of matchmaking kinks, caught so many bugs and issues, we’re wondering if he has a ledger or a scrapbook for the future generations to see.

Light511 — Big Blockchain Cuties’ supporter, breeding and market guru of the Cutieland.

Cathrine — Bug hunter, tribute cutie genome researcher, genome cracker!

VeRychard — The creator of the critically acclaimed DarkCuties Visual Mod and a devoted cutieneer with super technically detailed bug reports!

Risco — The first ever custom cutie owner, huge supporter of the game, so much so, he made it to a CoinTelegraph interview!

Sirokko— The silent type, that kills it when we need some tough love! — Fellow cutieneer that gave us valuable feedback, bug reports and suggestions to make Blockchain Cuties more fun for everyone!

Rick — The protector of Cutieland, who uncovered a very important security threat.

Gandalf— Wise and devoted cutieneer, helped a lot with the achievement bug hunting! EOS pioneer of the Cutieland

Jewel — As Cyn and Chakra, one of the OG’s of the cutieneers, reporting bugs, helping with the state of the game, providing valuable feedback and being a legend all day every day.

Alex — A great friend of Blockchain Cuties who helped a lot with bug reports, criticisms and introduced many new players to our game. Big polar bear fan ;)

Shudderwock — The OG Cutieneer that solved many bugs and puzzles with us. Shudderwock was always there to give us valuable feedback and support.

FishoJoy — The early days titan! His army is known and feared in the Cutieland, first in our leaderboards for a very long time! Big supporter of Blockchain Cuties!

Bofur — One of our top players! Somewhat omnipresent in all aspects of the game…most prominent in breeding armies to conquer Windy hill!

And last but not least, our last night’s guessing contest winner! Cutieneers have been trying to get it right for hours.

Jochen has been there for the whole thing and managed to get it right! Congratulations!

We have sent an iFind dog to all of the awesome cutieneers mentioned above.

We’d love to say a huge thank you to all of our players and supporters! Every single one of you are giving us the motivation to grow, expand and push the envelope in CryptoGaming!

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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