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2 min readOct 5, 2022

Hi, Cutieneers.
It’s been a few weeks since the launch of the upgrade for N3 and the team hasn’t been sitting idle twiddling their thumbs.

Today, the BCU team is adding a whole new blockchain to our roster of supported blockchains. However, it’s not as simple as it sounds. The blockchain being added is Emerald, of Oasis Protocol.

This is where the twist comes in. Emerald is an EVM ParaTime. That is a layer in the Oasis ecosystem.
If you are interested in diving a bit more into the technical side of things, you can visit the official Oasis documentation website which has all of the information you might need!

If you are less of a tech-head and more of a hands-on kind of person and want to test it out without going into deep analysis of all things Oasis, we have prepared an article with all the information to get started on Emerald, and Oasis ecosystem in general.

The page can be found HERE

There are also a few videos attached to the article that can be very helpful to go through onboarding step-by-step if you are new to the whole concept of new blockchains.

As always, the blockchain launch is supported by a Special Sale where players are able to purchase new unique Cuties that are available only during this launch sale.

2 Cuties hold key genome segments to create 2 different Tribute Cuties (Each Cutie holds genome segments for 1 Tribute, not for multiple Tributes).

We are very eager to see new faces in the Cutieneer community coming from the Oasis community!

Keep rocking, keep exploring, and we’ll see you in Blockchain Cuties Universe! ❤

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