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3 min readSep 6, 2018

Don’t you love to hate the little cat villain that you sometimes meet on adventures? It’s a mean looking cat that will sometimes beat your cutie in a battle for loot and experience.

Since there are a lot of cuties born lately, the Villain Cat found it hard to cope and rob them all. After all, there are only 24 hours in one day.

So the ingenious cat enlisted some help, and now we have an entire team of villain cuties.

Let’s meet them all.

Don Hedgehogio

Don Hedgehogio has an issue with other cuties because they never pat it on the back. The breaking point came when it tried to breed, and its partner refused him a back rub. Now Don Hedgehogio is out for revenge.

Le Foxito

Le Foxito was a sweet cutie. Until the terrible accident that happened to it. Its parents invited all its other siblings to Le Foxito’s birthday party. And before the little fox knew it, all the red Skittles were eaten. What’s more, its mother added M&M’S to the same bowl! Now Le Foxito tries to catch and rob all the cuties who had the pleasure of tasting a red skittle.

Mr. Lizardino

Mr. Lizardino was born into a big family. It had two identical twins, who looked just like it. Little Lizardino always liked to cheat its siblings out of their desserts, by pretending it was one of them. When its siblings had enough, one of them bit Mr. Lizardino to mark it and avoid this confusion in the future. Since it can’t cheat his siblings now, Mr. Lizardino is out to rob other cuties.


Puggissiomoto was always friendly with other cuties. Until one day it fell in love with a red fox. Puggissiomoto was a nice guy, so it approached the fox with the utmost courtesy. The fox was impressed and kissed our pug on the nose. Then the fox said that Puggissiomoto is a good boy and the fox would love him as a friend. But Puggissiomoto wanted more. Since that very day, Puggissiomoto is out to prove the fox, that he is a bad boy.


Other cuties called Bearto Groggy the Bear for his grayish face color. But this is not why Bearto became a villain. One day Bearto saw a YouTube video of a bear stealing an entire trash container from the restaurant. Bearto realized that this is something that could make it famous too. It wants to be famous, so it’s out to steal from everyone it meets.

Be careful, Cutieners!

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