Make a Wish. Santa’s listening

Blockchain Cuties Universe
2 min readSep 18, 2018

Cutieners, we take your opinions to heart. You can see it in the patch notes, on Telegram, and on the PAWEDCAST. We pride ourselves on community-driven development.

Recently the community has spoken.

Here is the first poll we made about cutie eye colors:

The restrictions on eye colors for cats and dogs will be lifted. The patch is coming soon. Get ready to breed new awesome cuties!

The second poll was on the elemental system:

We will surely add the ES to the adventures. Because we love improving the game for you.

We wouldn’t be writing this only to tell you about past polls. That would be boring.

We got a new one!

Let us address two interesting pieces of gear. They look great, but some people think those items could be better balanced.

Tell us what you think we should do with the Lucky Chain and the Postman Hat.

Do you like these items? Or can we improve them?

Vote below and let us know what you think on Telegram!

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Clap for respect! Sol will be grateful!

Keep rocking, playing and see you in Blockchain Cuties, Cutieners!



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