Has Breeding Gone Too Far?

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3 min readOct 6, 2018

Here on Blockchain Cuties players take breeding very seriously. Some of the cutieneers are decoding the genome to get themselves rare and valuable cuties. And some are here for the looks. And who could blame them? Cuties are adorable!

Haven’t even started to dig. Just here for the looks — Kaspars Ruva, The Coding Magician of Blockchain Cuties

After one of our updates, all cuties have attributes. Some attributes are more valuable than others. Some are discovered. Some are still a mystery. Only breeding and decoding the genome can bring them to light.

All of this is true for a Polar Bear attribute.

Currently, we have quite a small population of polar bears. About a dozen. And none of them are for sale at the moment. None are available for breeding. People are HODLing this valuable minority!

That’s it!

We’re not scaremongering, but there might be a secret polar bear society at work.

Will they send the ice cops after us now?

We have also noticed that polar bears have a pronounced leader. A king even!

Polar Solar — a Beyonce among the polar bears

Yes! ChakraFox seems to dominate the polar bear scene.

But we wouldn’t be publishing this to tell you about polar bears. We are here to tell you about the next step in their evolution. Because some cutieneers decided it is time to take it up a notch.

Those people were working behind the scenes to produce a cutie that will surpass the polar bears. And their creation had is shook. Some wigs were flying too.

Is this the real life?

Because now we have polar pandas. Cuties that have a polar bear attribute coupled with pandas head attribute.

There are only two such cuties in the game. Here they are in all their glory:

Cutie 17614 and Polar Panda Skaduush!

And we came to know about them by pure accident when one of the proud owners decided to spill the beans.

Well, thanks to everyone for making me so addicted! And here is the result of some work…. I believe this would be the games first Polar Panda!!! With a Black Background to boot! Skuddoooosh! — PhadeOut, Cutieneer, Member of a secret polar bear society, allegedly

We also found out that he had help in creating the polar panda. One of our veteran cutieneers — Light was there to help. Sharing the love and glory.

You are soo very welcome friend!!! — Light511, Epic Cutieneer, One Of The Best Breeders and owner of the highest generation cutie

So now we have polar pandas!

Congratulations bitBucket and PhadeOut on your discovery!

Cutieners, can you predict the next move of the polar bear society? Or what will be the next step in bear evolution?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Keep rocking, keep playing and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!



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