Halloween: The Final Update

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4 min readNov 25, 2022

Hey Cutieneers! 👋

The Halloween event is in full swing and nearing its inevitable conclusion.
With that comes a lot of things that must be done for the Cutieneer before the window for awesome loot closes.

We feel that, and we’ve been working hard at the event and the outlying issues that popped up left and right as the event went on, outside of the event itself.
Which, in turn, got in the way of releasing the content at a steady pace as planned. Dungeons got delayed releases, and one level had to be split into parts to be released with good stability. The second part of which is still yet to come.

Now, the end of the event is very close. The timer on the milestone page for the event states that the event will end in less than 2 days. However, due to the way the event unfolded, the team is going to extend the time Dungeons are available for the event by two weeks, allowing for more time to clear more levels and get cool stuff out of them. Plus, there still hasn't been released a way to acquire the awesome Halloween Cuties that have been added specially for the event.

Unique Cuties: The Ghoul and the Djinn

We see that the players have a lot of ground to cover still, due to some of the issues that occurred during the rollout of the event content. So without further adieu, let’s talk about what the team is going to do about this.

Final Dungeon Level 🚪

On Monday 28th of November, the team will release the final dungeon level which will be smaller than most of the dungeon levels were, however, there will be a slight twist to it. More on this is in the Raid Boss section below. 😈

Crafting 🛠

The first order of business is to add proper crafting recipes for the ingredients. Namely, the upgrade recipes, so that players can upgrade their crafting ingredients to higher tiers needed for the event gear crafting.

With this little time left, the team decided that for a short period of time, these upgrades will be getting a boosted crafting time, making them very quick to upgrade.

Additionally, this crafting boost won't help the situation alone, so the team is also increasing the crafting period for the event items by one more week. Similar to the post-season Grace Period. This change will be reflected in the timers for recipes of the items in question.

Raid Boss ⚔

This time around, there will be no raid boss for the event. Not at least in the regular sense of the term, for the game. In the final dungeon level, players will be tackling a boss-like enemy that will be guarding the treasures that are at the end of the dungeon. This enemy will have regular attacks as any other NPC enemies have in the dungeons, but this opponent will have quite much more HP. This will require several Cuties to defeat and with reinforcements too. Get your best of the best geared up, they are about to embark on an adventure.
The treasure chest at the end will have a special attribute to it. It can either give the player a normal amount of tokens for their trouble or have a small chance to give them a much bigger reward. Ready your rabbit’s feet, trinkets, and other luck-bringing devices!

Unique Cuties ✨

The way to get unique Cuties at this event will be different. The final level will have special rewards at the end, which will be the Cutie Shards. When the boss is defeated, it will drop 1 of the 2 types of shards. After players accumulate more shards by playing the dungeon, they will be able to craft a Unique Cutie token through the Forge 🔨

All of these changes will come into effect on Monday, November 28th. Sharpen your weapons, and pad the armor, it’s going to be a fun conclusion of the event!

Oh! And one more thing. There are some rumors of loot table hitting wiki soon as well for the regular dungeons 👀

We will keep you posted on that too 😉

🏹Happy Hunting🏹

Keep rocking, keep exploring, and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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