First Ever Tribute Cutie Bred by a Player Is Here!

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2 min readAug 14, 2018

Hello, Cutieneers!

This weekend was really exciting for us! Why? Well, for the first time in Blockchain Cuties’ history a player has bred a Tribute cutie — Manni!

There are more than 30 Tribute cuties available in the game and most of them are still to be discovered. These cuties have a very special combination of traits that can be obtained through careful breeding and a bit of luck.

And one of you did just that. Discovered the very first player-bred Tribute cutie. Just look at this adorable ball of fluff!

Affectionately named “Bubu”

This cutie was bred by Uselezzz. Not really useless, if we can add!

The cutie can be found here.

It comes with quite a few attributes!

All Tribute cuties receive an extra power bonus in adventures, from being Tribute and also for having “gold” attribute.

Manni is all prepped up for the attributes update that is coming soon!

Cutieneers, we are very happy to see that you are experimenting with the genome, digging deep to try and decode its secrets. At the same time you create armies for all the delicious loot drop hunting!

Congratulations, Uselezzz, on your very special “Bubu” ! We hope it loves its home and as we saw — it’s fighting everyone for every bit of loot right now! Be very cautious, Cutieneers! Bubu is also rocking a full Hussar set!

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