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3 min readDec 30, 2020

Hi, Cutieneers!
We wish you a happy New Year! Let’s make 2021 the awesome year that puts the last decade to shame!

The fifth Season in BCU, named: Fimbulwinter, is upon us!
With it, there are many changes, as per usual. Due to popular demand, this first article is specifically made for the Craftable Cuties that are released with the new season that players will be able to get through level rewards and other means.

But these crafting tokens are not as straight forward as they were previously.

The selection of the previous season was straightforward and easy to grasp

This time players will be able to enhance the tokens to be able to craft more powerful creatures!
There are a total of 10 levels of this Craftable Cutie. Each time it is successfully enhanced, players will be able to create a stronger Cutie, or try and enhance it further.

However, the enhancement is not a cheap thing to do. Each crafting attempt will have a chance to give you one of the several outcomes listed in the Rewards portion of the screen in the Forge as on the screenshot below.

The rewards section shows the possible outcomes of the enhancement attempt

Do keep in mind that starting with the “Lesser Ice Monster” the enhancement can end up in 3 different ways:

1. The Token will remain the same
2. The Token will drop down to the previous version
3. The Token will successfully progress to the next level of enhancement

The higher the level of the token enhancement the harder it becomes to successfully enhance it and the more resources it requires.

One very positive thing with this crafting system is that the token does not break or gets destroyed during attempts, so players can grind the items needed and try as many times as they want.

“How about the Cutie stats? We got’s to know what we are working towards!” — you are thinking to yourself right now.
We got you! Below you can find the stats for all of the Ice Monster levels and their full names. So there is no mix-up ;)

Ice Monster stats from Level 1 to Level 5
Ice Monster stats from Level 6 to Level 10

As you can see, none of them are tributes, however, starting from enhancement level 5, they become Unique, and gain additional stats from that perk, along with the elements and stat growth at each level.

There it is! That’s all you need to know to start working towards your ideal Ice Monster.

Keep rocking, keep exploring, and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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