End of Season 6. What to Expect?

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4 min readNov 25, 2021

The end of the season is close and as always, there are a lot of changes and events that follow the end of a season.

This season was quite a trip for the team and the community, together. Before the release of the season, there was quite a lot of tension and even a little unrest in the community. The season got delayed several times and was eagerly awaited by everyone.

The team knew this and worked day and night to deliver a lot of new features, updates, and infrastructure upgrades that made it all worth the wait.

When the season was released, a lot of things clicked into place. If you’ve missed the launch or want a refresher, check out the release article here.

Since the release of the season, the team fixed a lot of annoying long-running bugs:

  • Added the first iteration of the in-game chat
  • Added $BCUG staking
  • Restructured the Cutie visualization layers to expand the capabilities of the format
  • Introduced the Hot-Shop that utilizes the Off-Chain in-game wallets

Those are just the more significant updates, there has been a lot more done by the team to improve the quality of life for the players. And the work is still going strong! UI improvements are worked on, game mechanics planned for the next season, and a lot more features to be added to the game in the future, along with parallel work being done on War Of Cutieland, and a new blockchain on the horizon.

With all that on the table, let’s get to the question that is on everyone’s mind right now: What will be going on with the end of the season, and what will be active during the Grace Period?

The Season is about to end!

If this is your first season, don’t worry we got you. Grace period is the 2 weeks after the end of the season when players can finalize all of their Season Crafting. Since it was introduced, there were a few different variations of it.

Below is the list of features that will be disabled as the clock runs out on the season and those that will still be available during the grace period.

Features that will be disabled:

  • Season Adventures
  • Season Raid Bosses (If a raid boss is alive at the time the timer hits 0, that will be the last raid session of that boss and it will not spawn anymore, but the running session will be running until the boss is defeated.)
  • Season Points will not be acquirable anymore. Therefore the leader board positions will be locked in.
  • Season Level purchases will be closed.
  • Season item lots in Hot Shop will be removed.
  • Season item lots in PawShop will be removed.
  • Miracle Shop will be removed
  • Glory shop will be reverted to out of season setting
  • Creator Bench will be removed
  • Season tournaments will be removed
  • Season quests will not be offered anymore
  • Season crafting recipes will not give season points
  • Season items buffs will be disabled
  • Season ingredients will become recyclable

Features that will be available during the Grace Period:

  • Item Crafting
  • Item Unbinding
  • Cutie token redeeming
  • Cutie Crafting Token rewards will be delivered to the Top 16 players of the Season Leader board

As some might notice, the end of the Season will lock-in the leader board positions and the prizes will be delivered to the Top 16 players in the leader board.

The position prizes go as follows:

  • 1 Place will receive the Demon Slayer Cutie Token
  • 2–3 Place will receive the Tech Scav Cutie Token
  • 4–5 Place will receive the Faomori Soldier Cutie Token
  • 6–7 Place will receive the Tangent Cutie Token
  • 8–9 Place will receive the Faomori Soldier Cutie Token
  • 10–11 Place will receive the Neon Mercenary Cutie Token
  • 12 Place will receive the Bloodthirsty Surgeon Fox Cutie Token
  • 13 Place will receive the Insane Neurosurgeon Cat Cutie Token
  • 14 Place will receive the Rotten Nutritionist Dog Cutie Token
  • 15 Place will receive the Mad Scientist Boar Cutie Token
  • 16 Place will receive the Evil Researcher Rabbit Cutie Token
The Season 6 Grand Prize is the Demon Slayer!

The end of the Season falls on Friday, November 26th, tomorrow, and the Grace Period will run until December 10th. After the Grace Period has ended, there will be 2 weeks of rest in Cutieland, and the 7th Season is planned to kick off somewhere around the winter holidays.

This season is about wrapped up, but there are a lot more exciting things coming your way, stay tuned Cutieneers!

Keep rocking, keep exploring, and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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