Dragon Queen’s Crisis

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3 min readMar 14, 2019

After releasing the Dragon Queen to the market we seem to have landed in hot water with the cutieneer community.

Our community was 100% right to call us out on several decisions that we made with this launch. And we would like to address each of them today.

Too much too soon

First of all, the community has already voiced their concerns about there being too many types of unique looking cuties. The more of them we push to the market, the less is the value. This impacts not only the existing assets our players hold but also the viability of buying new ones.

And pushing out the second unique cutie this month was a bad move on our part. So far we had a push when ready model. This means that once something is ready we pushed it out not really adhering to any schedule whatsoever.

How do we fix it?

From now on we will be releasing unique cuties much less often and in smaller quantities. They will be available in limited quantity for a limited period of time.

25 tickets

The price for the Dragon Queen was set to 25 tickets while the Pawshop was only offering the packs of 10 tickets. So if the player would decide to buy this unique cutie they will have to hold five tickets they can’t use.

In words of one of our players:

Making it not dividable by 10 is kind of a dick move — Jochen, Fellow Cutieneer and Earth Monster Breeder

How do we fix it?

The Pawshop will offer packs of 5, 10 and 25 tickets.

Ticket prices

The other major issue with tickets was that their price changed since the previous event. The community felt that it was a hidden move from our side to manipulate the value of this asset.

The truth is that the ticket price was calculated from a set value and as cryptocurrencies fluctuated it went all over the place. Yes, this is the case of inflexible code firing back at its creators.

How do we fix it?

We will rework the ticket system so it is fair and doesn’t get broken as a result of cryptocurrency value fluctuations. We will also compensate everyone who sustained any losses as a result of buying tickets for the Dragon Queen.

We thank our community for their fair criticism and promise to do better in the future.

Community’s feedback has helped us reconsider our priorities in game development and we will fix our mistakes and strive to deliver more value to our players. Market oversaturation and it’s downward tendencies are our main concerns at the moment. Our future updates will focus on improving the gameplay and creating market value for the assets our players are currently holding. — Vladimir Tomko, CEO Blockchain Cuties

Cutieneers, we are sorry for this flop and hope that you will bear with us while we hot fix the situation.

Thank you for being such an honest community and saying it like it is.

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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