Developers Blog #02 — first version of WIKIpedia is here

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3 min readJun 14, 2018

Been a few crazy weeks here at the office! Much awaited WIKI, — the very first version is here. Of course it’s not the final one and as we see it WIKI can’t be finished for a game which constantly evolves and adds new features. It will definitely grow over time with more information, more details and more clues for our players. That’s why we decided to launch it now and finish it over time.

So what’s already included in the WIKI!?

Genome decoded

Dominant genes revealed (more information in wiki)

It must have been mystery for a while as to how the breeding actually works in Blockchain Cuties. Lot of unanswered questions! Now these questions are answered and you can start breeding knowing what your actually going to get as an offspring. Everything about the genome is decoded as players now know which gene corresponds to a particular body part and color. Don’t want to get those pets with silly mustaches? Know beforehand what kind of offspring you are going to acquire!

Attributes revealed
Those players who have played a while are aware that every pet has a set of attributes, what players didn’t actually know — that these attributes depend on the cuties genes. It has been revealed that there are several types of attributes in the game at the moment. In order to find the corresponding genes — some further research has to be done by the players. It has been revealed how it all works at the moment.

Attribute “Emerald” revealed

Of course many of you are already informed about the new battle system coming to the game. The new battle system will also make attributes more valuable to adventures (as of right now, they only are responsible for some visual things). Attributes are going to have stats of their own that will further enhance the cuties in their adventures. This information is going to be added to WIKI together with the battle system update.

Tribute Cuties
Fancy cuties are going to be renamed to “Tribute” cuties as that’s who they are. They are made as tribute to different popular pop-culture elements. There’s all the information you need in order to understand what kind of “tribute” cuties there are in-game at all. You haven’t seen them all — well now they are revealed!

Grumpy cat genome revealed (the necessary genes)

Information about breeding these cuties has also been added and for few of them the “genome” was revealed. Now you know what kind of combination of genes is required in order to acquire such cute little fellas!

Battle mechanics
Battle mechanics were explained more in detail. For some players it was a mystery and not everything was made clear. Now it’s explained in details and hopefully is going to answer all the questions. Also there’s information available on new battle mechanics coming to the game (its still work in progress, so take it with a grain of salt).

Excited? There’s plenty of information that can be found on the wiki, so i’m not going to hold you back!

Head to and check it out for yourself!

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