Developers Blog #01 — Future Plans and Ideas

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4 min readMay 22, 2018


It’s been a few weeks since the game launch of Blockchain Cuties. There has been a lot of work put into the game and there’s more things to come. Our team has a lot of cool ideas coming to our players to explore! In this Dev Blog let’s take a look on some of the features that are going to come to the game in near future.

Referral System

Referral system has been working for quite a while now. It didn’t have the best visual representation to make it very clear for our players. We take it with great care to create modern user interface that is easy to use.

The new referral system, when it’s done, will clarify the goals for the ones who invite their friends. It’s going to be a lot easier to see what players are going to receive for inviting “x” amount of players. When a certain goal is met — the player will be able to press “receive” button and acquire his reward for inviting more people to the game.

New referral system design (work in progress)

New Adventure Modes

Our players have brought a lot of key points into our attention. There’s quite a few things we have been working on in order to improve the overall player “adventure” experience. One of the ideas “flying around” the office is a possibility for the players to participate in raid boss battles, where everyone would be rewarded for participation. These battles would work outside the overall cool-down systems and would bring more adventure variety to the game. There’s still work to be done in balancing it all out, but here’s a sneak peak into one of the bosses.

Black Dragon boss

One of the ideas is to bring tokens into the game, so that people would receive tokens according to their accomplishments in the raid boss battles. Tokens can then be traded in a special shop where different items from the game would be available for sale. There’s a catch, players can spend their earned tokens on items or save them in order to get the grand prize — the unique cutie available only in the shop.

Achievements System

Most of the games nowadays have an achievement system where players can track their progress by completing different fun achievements. It’s like a status you can acquire for accomplishing something great in the game. Achievements have been “work in progress” for quite a while now and gonna see day light really soon. Are you ready to hunt for those achievements and receive rewards that come with them? Sell, breed, buy, fight, go to adventures and acquire all the unique achievements there will be.

Localisation to Other Languages

Some effort has been put into localizing our game to different languages of the world like Chinese, Russian and French for example. We figured that we want our game to be accessible for as many people as possible by eliminating the language barrier. That’s why work has been done in order to make localisation easier in the future. Soon our Blockchain Cuties will be able to speak Chinese and other languages!

Battle System is Getting Reworked

Lot of discussion about this one in the team as it’s one of the major things in our game. We wan’t it to be fun and entertaining for the players and fair to everyone. Plan is to extend the battle system and improve on the one we have right now. Make it more dynamic and diverse by adding actual differences on the attributes the pet has. Every attribute could potentially influence the overall performance of cutie in the battle. This could lead to a very interesting way of breeding pets — particularly for adventures!

Battle report system also has to see changes in near future as of right now it’s not very clear to everyone on how the bonuses work and what not. Most of the players just think it’s pure random — which its not. Battles have to be clear!

That’s it for this months Developers Blog! Make sure you follow us on our social profiles like Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Discord and here — on Medium for more updates. Keep rocking, keep playing and see ya on the Blockchain Cuties!



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