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4 min readNov 11, 2022

Happy Friday, Cutieneers! 👋

It’s been a wild week for the team with a lot of hard work and many overtime hours to bring it all together with the latest update for the item ranges.
In the meanwhile, our beloved community is hard at work grinding dungeons and playing the Halloween Dungeons to get all the snazzy rewards out of them.

As the week rolled on, one of our community members shared a heartwarming story about the game bringing the family a little closer.

Since BCU received the Dungeons Update, many players got to solving perfect routes to optimize their time and effort for rewards.

Our player James Lotta shared his love for the update and how his retired mom got a side gig as his Cutie assistant while he was at work. And this gig turned into a bonding moment for them.

It all started with a simple funny post in our game’s ▶telegram community group◀:

My mom plays perfectly. I had to draw a map for my mom and explain to her that it is more important to get coins than to watch television, she alone has already got more than 100 coins

and their agreement on how James will reward her for helping him with his game grind:

I told her that for each silver I was going to give her 50 COP and for each gold 100 COP, what I did not expect was that she would not want to move from the PC playing in the dungeon.
She already forgot about candy crush, aquarium and other games, she became addicted to dungeons, now we need the event to end quickly if I’m not going to go bankrupt

Following up with:

She has already become a dungeon expert, she already collects the maximum available coins

Together they have plotted perfect routes and have written down strategies and tallies for the sessions! Check out the photos below:

Dungeon Run Plan
Daily books of the runs. Someone’s gotta pay up 😄
Putting in the plans to work! 🚀

And after a good few runs in the dungeons momma Lotta takes a coffee break with her adorable companion:

A furry friend, a cup of coffee. What else do you need for a good break?

James said that his daily life is very busy, but achievements must be done and shared a little bit more recently:

I really do love the game, but because of work I don’t have much free time to play it, so I changed the days of not sleeping to get things and I decided to teach my mom how to play, she is happy because for me it is a game but she sees it as a job, she watches her television series while she goes collecting in the dungeons. What happened with the dungeons is that now the game requires more interaction, we were used to sending cutties autonomously and returning with the rewards. but now that is not enough if you want to get the necessary coins for the set you have to invest time she has played more than 8 hours a day that’s why the amount of coins

During the writing of the story, we’ve reached out to James to get everything in order about the story and share no more than he and his momma are happy with. One of the things James pointed out is that momma is becoming a real gamer, haha.

It’s perfect. I would add that she has already begun to show signs of being a gamer, she gets angry when they kill her but she returns to the dungeon and destroys everything. what he is demanding from me now is stronger equipment so that they do not hurt him when he decides to fight with each NPC

And here is the hero of the story — James :)

James in all his glory ❤

As a team, when we read this, it was an absolute heart-melting experience. While the day-to-day operations and constant strain of workload is a stressful thing, stories like this remind everyone at BCU, why the game is what it is. And what gaming means to us as individuals.

A huge thank you to James for sharing his story with the community!

And here’s a bonus ;) Real-life Cuties found in their natural habitat:

Keep rocking, keep exploring, and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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