Blockchain Cuties Producer talks about Cryptogame Market on GameDevDays in Estonia

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3 min readApr 19, 2018


We know we haven’t been posting for a while in Medium and it’s totally our fault. We will do our best to publish more posts about project’s life and activities in the near future.

Here’s quick recap of what’s happening now:

  • We have a very strong designer working on Blockchain Cuties UX on daily basis. We’ll reveal his identity in a few weeks, but we’ll just tease you with this information for now: he’s worked on Russia’s most popular entertainment social network in the past (more that 70 millions monthly active users!) and did a lot of screens and special projects there;)
Foxes, new creatures coming to Blockchain Cuties
  • We already have kitties, doggies, bear cubs and the lizards. After talking to our active community members, we’ve found out that we’re doing the Foxes next, so stay tuned — they’re gonna appear soon and be very cu-u-u-ute!
  • You all know we have items, bot consumables and wearables. Well, now we’re preparing items sets — special 3-item-combinations that, if collected and worn together, provide additional bonuses for cutie wearing them. Items required to form a set are scattered among different locations and are more difficult to find than other normal items. If you want to know how sets look like and what inspired creating them, please check our Instagram page that we’ve been actively developing.
  • We’ve been monitoring the Cryptogame market from it’s “infancy” and our game producer, as always, was speaking about the actual state of the crypto market on Game Dev Days Conference in Tallinn on Monday 16th of April. The presentation is not published yet, but you can check out the photos:
  • Our beta is ending next week and so does the presale of most of the current creatures. If you want to buy these unique cuties — hurry up! Only Alien cutie will stay and be sold later on, because he’s a controlled limited edition with only 10 species being released. It will increase in price after the game release too.
  • We’re working on achievements and something very special. This special thing will be one of a kind in cryptogame market, so definitely stay tuned, guys, you won’t be disappointed!



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