Blockchain Cuties On Two Platforms At Once! Join Us On Both Great Podcasts

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2 min readSep 28, 2018

Cutieners, we had an awesome Thursday. Two podcasts were running at the same time!

One was our beloved Pawedcast and the second was the legendary “How games are made”.

In case you missed Joy yesterday, you can still watch the recorded video.

“Where can you get a 5th item for your set? I will tell you ;)” — Joy, Game Designer, Blockchain Cuties.

Joy talks:

  • Sneak peek into raid bosses
  • Set expansions for existing sets (raid drop)
  • Quick slots for cuties
  • Bitcoin man an upcoming raid boss slayer
  • Rock/paper/scissors system and its possibilities
  • Q&A

Our CEO on Russian podcast “How Games Are Made”

In the legendary Russian podcast “How Games Are Made” (Как Делают Игры) our CEO Vladimir got into an in-depth discussion about the industry:

  • A bit of history of blockchain technology
  • What are blockchain games? How do they differ from mainstream games?
  • Who is the target audience? How big is it?
  • There is an opinion that blockchain games are only about collectibles that people trade. Is that true?
  • How sophisticated are the mechanics of the games?
  • What technology currently is used? What platforms (blockchains) will be popular in the future?
  • How do developers and players can earn with such games?
  • How to promote blockchain games? Is it possible to do on the Steam platform?
  • Who should develop such games? Is it better for major publishers or indie developers?

“Blockchain technology is the future of gaming.” — Vladimir Tomko, CEO Blockchain Cuties.

Check out the full podcast here:

Cutieners, let us know if you want English bullet points on key aspects of this discussion.

We hope you enjoy both podcasts!

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Keep rocking, playing and see you in Blockchain Cuties, Cutieners!



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