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Blockchain Cuties Universe
2 min readAug 31, 2018

Cutieners, we had a blast at BlockShow conference! It went very well for us.

Our CEO Vladimir Tomko has successfully pitched Blockchain Cuties to the public. Let’s just say we managed to get people very excited. There was a lot of interest and many questions for us.

Our CEO Vladimir on stage

The part we were waiting for was the debate between our CEO Vladimir and Austin Anderson. The topic was “Cryptogames: bright future in the gaming world or just a mainstream”. While we expected some action and drama, the battle boiled down to both agreeing on a bright future for cryptogames.

The takeaways from the discussion and overall experience are:

  • Cryptogames will continue growing and developing
  • Cryptogames now typically have a better reputation than ICOs
  • Most cryptogame projects deliver on their promises to players
  • The market looks promising for both players and developers
  • Big game development studios are expected to soon enter the crypto market

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