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1 min readJul 27, 2018


Hey, everyone! We at Blockchain Cuties believe that transparency is KEY in any game development, so we want to talk to you not only on our Telegram and Discord, but on our LIVE CUTIE PAWEDCAST!

Twice a month we will have a “dev diary” podcast with a Q&A and twice a month — a shorter issue with guest appearances, fanart and all the crazy stuff that’s happening in the community!

Current scheduled Pawedcast time is every Thursday at 7 PM GMT. There’s also a timer on our twitch page that applies your local time to make it easier for everyone to see how soon we will be on!

We are the first podcast about a cryptogame!

There has been 2 episodes already aired and the community is ecstatic! We’re always developing our game and our production quality!

Come see us LIVE on twitch and check out our game if you haven’t already!

Have an Idea or a question for the Pawedcast? Let us know in the comments below or anywhere on these links! We are happy to see all of your feedback!

Last night’s Episode can be found here.

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