Blockchain Cuties is out today!

Blockchain Cuties Universe
1 min readApr 26, 2018


Dear friends,

Blockchain Cuties is finally live on Ethereum’s Main Network! The game is launched and you can start breeding your beautiful Cuties and sending them on adventures in search for valuable items!

We’d like to remind you, that in Blockchain Cuties you can:

  • Breed and sire cute pets, while trying to create new and fancy ones — with rare genes and backgrounds;
  • Have cuties of different species, including cats, dogs, bear cubs, lizards and aliens (no other game can offer you this variety)!
  • Send cuties on adventures to different locations, where they will encounter other cuties and engage them in roll-the-dice combat;
  • Develop and level up your pets;
  • Find and wear various items where each is visually displayed on your cutie;
  • Find and use consumable items that can change your cutie’s genes and even make it noble;
  • Collect rare set items that provide special bonuses when worn together;
  • Battle to conquer the leaderboards;
  • And of course, buy and sell cuties and items on the marketplace!

All of the aforementioned features are already in the game, and more are coming:

  • Achievements;
  • Team battles;
  • Exploration mechanics;
  • And many more!

Let the game begin!



Blockchain Cuties Universe

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