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5 min readJun 15, 2018

Hello Cutieners! Despite the good weather outside the work continues and here is patch 1.10 with several fixes across the board and few new features. It was planned to have new battle system up and running in 1.10 update, but it’s delayed and will come to next updates.

Overall Improvements

Japanese language added to localization!
Japanese language has arrived to Blockchain Cuties. We keep our promise of localizing the game to many languages, Japanese language is just the start and there’s more to come. This is done in order to ensure that language barrier is not the problem for our potential players. Besides its a lot better to play the game in your native language, isn’t it?

Headbands — Coming Soon

Breeding prices — positive changes incoming
We have analyzed the data gathered in the past months in order to understand how the current breeding system with current breeding prices works. Current breeding system made older generation pets not viable to breed as the breeding prices were high.

In this update a new breeding price system was created that correlates with cuties breeding cool-down. This means that cuties that are more worn-out (have higher breeding cool-downs) will have higher breeding prices (not higher than they were before the update). Breeding price grows exponentially and doesn’t get higher than the margin (cool-down 13 is the end value). Every next generation, has the same exponential growth, just lowered by few %. So the end value is lower. This means that breeding worn out gen0 cuties with cool-down 13 is going to be more expensive than breeding a worn out gen13 cutie.

Bidding on custom cuties reworked

Example cutie made in “Vitalik Buterins” look

Bidding system was implemented in the previous update, but it didn’t have this “finished” feel to it. Now bidding is going to start with a 75% discount and there’s going to be 5 places to place a bid!

Example breeding slots

Rules are simple:

  • People who will get their unique Cuties drawn are chosen via bidding mechanism.
  • Bidding is operated by a smart contract.
  • There are only 5 bidding slots per week (meaning only 5 people will get their Cuties drawn per week).
  • All slot have single bidding expiration date which is shown above the bidding section!
  • You bid on one of the slots with ETH (if someone outbids you, you get your ETH back).
  • We contact winners via their in-game emails and request them to provide us photos they want their characters to be based on. NOTE that we won’t draw characters that infringe any copyrights.
  • Our artist team draws your unique character and we show it to you when it’s ready.
  • Your personal Cutie is sent to your in-game account. You will receive an email notification as well.
Tutorial Cutie Reworked v2.0

Much hated tutorial cutie — reworked
This could have been done much sooner, but better late than sorry — right? The tutorial cutie has been reworked and it’s not generation 13 anymore, now it’s generation 1 (thanks Sirokko). Now new players are able to get a gen 2 cutie straight from the get go by breeding the tutorial cutie with any other cutie on the siring market or buy a cutie on the market.

Also now the tutorial cutie can participate in “Snowy Mountain” adventure for two times, after these two tries the player will be invited to acquire a real cutie.

The tutorial cutie will leave the player as soon as it has breed or sired with another cutie.

Other bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with adventure battle “location attack” not working properly, it took a while to find this sneaky bug. It is tested now and should calculate the dices properly (if you notice any bugs, report them as usual).
  • Fixed a bug with “FireSkink” & “FireSkank” the naming was off and messed with filters (thanks Chakra, for reporting this).

New features incoming

FIFA — World Football Championship has started
We want to celebrate this huge worldwide event with you guys by adding a mini-game to Blockchain Cuties where players will have a chance to win some limited edition unique items.

This event is going to take place for a whole month while the real football championship is on-going. Every player will have a chance to participate in this event with their cuties. Players are going to able to participate with all of their cuties once every 24h. It won’t influence your adventure cool-downs, this means that potentially every cutie can participate at least 30 times during the event.

Football championship happens only once in 4 years, so get your cuties training and get those custom items! Coming soon!

Will you manage to beat the goalie cutie!?

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