Blockchain Cuties — 1.08 patch notes

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3 min readMay 31, 2018

Hello fellow Cutieners! Constant work is being done daily to improve our game, our aim is to become the biggest and the most attractive game to not only Crypto enthusiasts, but also other gamers. We want to make it easy and accessible to everyone. Each update brings us closer to our ultimate goal — ready, steady, GO! Here’s patch 1.08 with several changes across the board.

Overall Improvements

Referral system finished
In last update we introduced the new referral system with visual representation of the prizes you guys can receive for inviting your friends to play. Now referral system has been fully finished and the last step of inviting 100 people has been created. Reaching this step is not easy, but it will sure be very rewarding!

Last step of referral program

I bet you are wondering who the hell is “Knight of Cutieland”, it’s an unique cutie that can only be acquired through referrals.

Knight of Cutieland

Added new item set to adventures
Trust Wallet promotional set is added to the game and you can start hunting for it in the adventures (parts of this set can be farmed in Magical Forest, The Desert and Ivory Tower)!

Trust Wallet set

UI Improvements

Mobile layout finished
A great deal of time has been spent to improve mobile layout for the game, most of the work on mobile layout has been finished. There could be still some little bugs here and there, please report them on Discord or Telegram.

Activity tab & adventure battle report tab updated to show received items
Items are now shown after a battle report is received on the main activity and adventure battle report tab. This means that the player is not required to open up the battle report and scroll through to see what kind of reward the cutie has brought back.

Items next to pets who were sent to adventure

Sorting filter fix
Added new filter to adventure tab — now users can filter pets by “ready to battle”. It will filter out the pets by highest level to lowest and the ones who are able to go on a battle. Also added a filter option for marketplace, now it is possible to filter pets by level, so you can buy a cutie with the highest level if you wish.

Referral user list
Added referral list to “referral settings”. Now you can track which users have come from your referral and see how are they doing overall. In order for referrals to be counted, they have to have a turnover of 0.05ETH and confirmed e-mail address.

Sidestep note
We are currently working on the new battle system, have to balance the things out and once it hits the production — our players will have the ability to test it (we gonna tweak it along the way). New system will involve new matchmaking and add up new mechanics to the battles.

More things to come!

Make sure you follow us on our social profiles like Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Discord and here — on Medium for more updates. Keep rocking, keep playing and see ya on the Blockchain Cuties!



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