Blockchain Cuties — 1.06 patch notes

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2 min readMay 22, 2018

Hello (你好) fellow Cutieners! As promised this week is going to be an update week so there are gonna be quite a few updates along the way.

Update 1.06 brings Chinese language — the first iteration is here!

Overall Improvements

Localisation support has been finished
Its fantastic news guys as from now on we are going to be able to localize the game to various languages! Game was available for everyone in English from the start, but now the game is localized to Chinese! Our Chinese players can test it out and play it! If there are some inconsistencies please make sure to report them to our community pages.

Russian language support is next in the line, so stay tuned!

Server Side

Item locking bug fixed
One of our users who goes by the name of “G Sh” on Telegram and “Doodle” on Discord reported a bug with item locking update that came out in 1.05 update. Server did not allow the player to use the items which had been returned from an auction. We issued a hot-fix to this and it’s fixed now! Hurray!

UI Improvements

Language selection
Language selection can be done in the main page of the game or in your profile page. Design will be tweaked in few days so its not yet final — the functionality is there and it works. After you select a language, it saves it in the cookies so next time you don’t have to choose it. Default language is English, so those players who are English speaking don’t have to do anything.

Mobile layout improvements
Mobile users will notice changes in the overall layout — getting the game more mobile friendly with each consequent update.

Make sure you follow us on our social profiles like Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Discord and here — on Medium for more updates. Keep rocking, keep playing and see ya on the Blockchain Cuties!



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