Blockchain Cuties — 1.03 patch notes

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3 min readMay 7, 2018


Hello fellow Cutieners! Update 1.03 rolls out as an hot-fix for issues pointed out by our community. Changes have been made among different parts of the game and there’s more to come in the upcoming 1.04 update soon. Stay tuned!

As always we are very thankful for the feedback you have left on Discord and Telegram! We want to make this game great and its fantastic when you have such a great community that wants the best for the game. Thank you! Here are the update notes for version 1.03!

Server related changes

Added second domain to the game

Previously people were only able to access the game through, now additional domain has been added to the game and you can access the game also through

Overall Improvements

Breeding price change

It was our mistake not to communicate with you guys about the upcoming breeding price for GEN0 pets that came as an unpleasant surprise. We have discussed this in detail with the team and made some adjustments, — making the price go up exponentially depending on cool-down level. Breeding price starts at 0.001ETH for a fresh cuties and goes up until 0.003ETH for worn out cuties. This means that worn out GEN0 pets will have higher breeding prices than fresh ones.

Suggested Gas Price

Made a change to default gas price suggested by MetaMask, now it’s being taken out of every 5 minutes. This means that users will likely have less problems with transactions when the gas price is set too low by MetaMask and server will suggest a valid gas price for the transaction.

Game Design Improvements

Adventure level fix

Fixed the overall limitation of levels, before the adventures were limited to lvl 1–5 cuties only, this meant that cuties lvl6 couldn’t participate in adventures. Now it’s changed to 1–99 which fixes the previously mentioned issue and makes it possible to add variety of adventures in the future upcoming updates.

Loot drops re-balanced

Tired of those t-shirts, baseball caps e.t.c.!? We were as well! So we grouped them up and made the total drop chance of 5%, now if you get a “cosmetic” item, you will get a random one. It’s NOT separate 7 items each having 5% drop chance clogging up the drop list, instead its one “group” of items having 5% drop chance.

Also re-balanced the drop of adventure potions, added a much higher percentage of drop for adventure potions while lowering probability of the Fertility Elixirs.

Adventure cooldowns re-balanced

There has been quite a discussion happening on discord and on telegram where you guys — our community have raised your voice about the problem with adventure cooldowns. We listened and we came up with a solution, changing the maximum adventure cooldown to two days.

UI Improvements

Blockchain Cuties mobile version improvements

Done several fixes to the way of how our game looks on mobile, made it a lot more mobile friendly.

Added top referrals on leader-boards

A leader-board for the most referrals have been added to the website.

Other Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in battle reports where won item didn’t have a tool-tip when hovering over it;
  • Fixed an issue when “sort by” didn’t always get into the UI;
  • Added discord button next to the telegram, so people have easy access to our community discord server;
  • Fixed an issue of random cooldown appearing on the cutie profile page;



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