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5 min readJul 8, 2020

Hi, everyone!
There has been a lot of conversations recently about the changes that the team is developing for the game. That means the game will evolve and change into a much bigger and broader version of oneself.

It’s time!

The team worked for a long time, along with a select group of beta testing players, to bring this update to light.

Here is a list of changes that will land on the live server shortly:

1. Item rarity and its labeling

Each item now will have a rarity based on their level requirement. This will help players gauge the value of items faster and more intuitively. Rarity will dictate the drop rate of the items as well.

Note: Set items have a separate label than non-set items and will be shown as Set items regardless of their rarity per their drop. The item rarities are subject to change, as we gather feedback from our players.

Dragon Lair drop pool

Items are sorted by drop rate. The exception is where Consumables are positioned in each table. They are always going to be last in the table of items for the adventure where there are consumables in said adventure.

2. Item level requirements

These requirements will restrict low-level Cuties equipping overpowered sets in their level range and streamline the experience making it a lot more structured. Additionally, it will create niches for many different items. Previously, the whole item pool had no “class” to relate to, just the overall usability and versatility for the player’s needs, now this “class” is regulated by level requirements and each “class” will have more coveted items for each level of Cuties. These requirements, just like item rarity, are subject to change and can be adjusted according to our player feedback and additional gameplay analysis.

Note: Cuties with items that have higher level requirement than the Cutie’s level will be grandfathered in, to avoid the pain of re-equipping all of the Cuties with gear that fits their level. If the items are removed before the Cutie reaches the needed level, they will not be able to equip it back on until the level requirement is met.

3. Raising the maximum level cap for Cuties

This was a big change for the game and many players have been talking about this change and how it affects the game. Mainly, this adds more use cases for the Tributes, and a bit higher bump for the Unique Cuties as well.
Tribute Cuties will be able to reach level 11 and Unique Cuties will be able to go as high as level 12.

Note: In a few weeks we will introduce another ruleset for the Yakuza District that will allow players with Gen0 Nobles to go to the adventure as well.

4. Custom Cuties tag receives a buff

The Custom Cuties also got a little bit of love with this update, the tag will add the following stats to a Custom Cutie: +1 to all elements, +3 Raid buff, +1 to defense, +1 to attack, +10% to Exp gain.
Many players have voiced the need for this tag to be bettered so that Custom Cuties stand out a bit more from the crowd.

CustomCutie Tag is swole now!

5. Two new adventures are added

The new adventures will be for level 11 and 12 cuties. For level 11 and up there will be the “Yakuza District” with no element buffs\debuffs and for level 12 players will have a special adventure “Dragon Lair”.
“Dragon Lair” is special because currently it will be the top tier adventure and making it with static elements proved very restrictive for the players so it is on a rotational system similar to the one that “Tavern of Heroes” has to promote a bit more competitive setting for cuties of all types.

New Top Level Adventures

6. Adventure Drop has been reworked and changed

You will see changes in the drop tables, there has been a bit of reorganization for the items in different adventures along with new additions to the drop pools of multiple adventures. Some very rare and new items have been added. Powerful and shiny!

7. Degradation drop system based on level

Each adventure will now have an “optimal” level to farm it. When a Cutie goes out of that range, a multiplier is applied. That way it is populated as an instance for a specific level. Any Cutie can go into any adventure below their level, but it would be much less effective this will promote more value to different Cuties, gear, and drops from those adventures making more niches for players to trade in and diversify their opportunities.

Here is the multiplier debuff cheatsheet for the level difference:

level difference | drop chance decrease
0 | 0%
1 | -5%
2 | -10%
3 | -50%
4 | -65%
5 | -80%
6 | -90%
7 | -92%
8 | -94%
9 | -95%
10| -96%
11| -97%

8. Aristocracy Potions are removed from the PawShop

Due to the nature of level 11 requirements, where nobles are allowed to go up to level 11, for the time being, the potion will be removed from the PawShop. However, we plan on return it roughly in a month’s time, when Season 4 will kick off and a new PawShop will be added into the game.

Stay tuned for more detailed posts about some of the new additions!

Keep rocking, keep exploring, and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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