№ 1 Is Out!

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2 min readOct 5, 2018

Cutieneers, yesterday was a big day. Auction for our very fist cutie has ended. And now Number 1 is out in the wild.

The hero is here!

And let’s just say watching the auction was Intense…to say the least.

Ate all the popcorn!

For the first several days, the bid was around 1 ETH. So the early bidders were happily awaiting the end of the auction.

Gonna get this cutie in no time

But as it always happens — at the last minute people start to stir up the pot! And this time was not an exception.

After the Pawedcast aired yesterday, the bids went all kinds of crazy. It was a bloodbath. The auction was ending and everyone suddenly realized that there is only one Number 1. Only one. Ever.

Some bytes mean so much! :D — VeRychard, Community modder, a legendary Cutieneer

The auction went from zero to sixty. The price multiplied before our eyes! We couldn’t believe what’s happening.

Our very own little bull trend in a battle for the №1 cutie that was the pioneer in so many ways!

From the moment of it going to a player it will only grow in value with time — Tehn, Blockchain Cuties Community Manager

At the end of it all №1 was sold for a whooping 5.32 ETH! Probably one of our most valuable cuties to date! We can’t stop (won’t stop) celebrating.

№1 is one of the most expensive cuties to date

The lucky winner is Sayembara, who now has the № 1 in his or her fold! But for how long will № 1 stay with its new owner?


Sayembara already had an amazing collection that includes Kitsune, Ethor, Lord Ash and the Alien to name a few. Now this collection is officially off the charts in terms of awesomeness.

Again, congratulations to Sayembara! We hope you are happy with your new friend.

Cutieners, are you ready to meet N 1 on adventures? What about breeding? We can’t wait to see the babies!

Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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Clap for respect! Sol will be grateful

Keep rocking, playing and see you in Blockchain Cuties, Cutieners!

Thanks to TehnFy__ .



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